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Ecomoss (A moss system for rooftops and walls)

Ecomoss (A moss system for rooftops and walls)

A greening system that uses a type of flora with high vitality, moss, as a material

Today, with CO2 reduction being a pivotal way in helping prevent global warming, the use of moss as a material for low-maintenance, low-cost, and economic greening is anticipated as an environmental countermeasure. Rooftops and walls greenified with Ecomoss maintain lower temperatures and have less heat island effect. Our Ecomoss, made with our own original greening techniques, doesn’t use soil and can green rooftops and walls without the need for watering.


– A thin-layered lightweight system that doesn’t use soil
Moss (Ecomoss) is more lightweight as it doesn’t use soil for growing and has an original recuperation method via growing sheets.
– Non-watering low-maintenance – no need for manual watering or fertilizing
Moss can hold water of 20 times its own weight, has moisture-retaining properties, and mainly requires no maintenance such as watering, fertilizing, weeding, or trimming.
– Low-cost and economic, making installation and construction cheap
Unlike rooftop greening that uses turf or sedum, there is no need for a mainframe construction that can withstand the weight of the soil (with turf it’s approx. 50 to 80 kg/m2). Also, there’s no need to lay soil or install sprinkling equipment, so construction is easier and costs and construction schedules are also reduced.

Method of construction

Kokeh Moss (a moss system for rooftops and walls) allows for installation on most rooftops and walls, and a construction method is adopted in line with the project’s place of installation, purpose, and budget. These construction methods include rooftop pallet construction, freestyle construction, folded-plate rooftop construction, and wall construction. Please feel free to inquire with our specialists.

Rooftop pallet construction

Freestyle construction

Wall construction

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