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Paso Garden

Paso Garden (a lightweight, layered greening system)

Easy rooftop greening that is lightweight, low-cost and low-maintenance and that eases the heat island effect

Paso Garden is a minimally-managed, thinly-layered greening system that requires little maintenance. With its outstanding water retention abilities achieved through a unique layering technique, it can help control rooftops and walls’ temperature and save energy. On top of that, because it can be installed even in small, narrow spaces, it can allow those who’ve never owned a garden before to grow real vegetable gardens and flowerbeds. Being lightweight and having excellent insulation, Paso Garden is a system that allows rooftop greening to be set up easily, and that is environmentally-friendly by being mostly made from recycled materials.


– Excellent water retention while also being lightweight
– Excellent insulation
– Allows setting up vegetable gardens in narrow spaces
– Made mostly from recycled materials

Relationship between water retention and weight, the insulation effect (standard system)

The system’s drainage ability (drainage protection mat) is over 0.6/sec/cm
Even if 100 mm of rain falls within an hour on a Paso Garden rooftop, as long as there’s a drainage mat with a cross-section of around 47 cm, all the water can be drained.

When dry / When moist / Water capacity
Lightweight organic compost 60 kg / Approx. 80 kg / Approx. 20 L
Greening system base 14 kg / Approx. 29 kg / Approx. 15 L
Total 74 kg / Approx. 109 kg / Approx. 35 L

Insulation structure

● Auxiliary drainage cushioning material
Through the protection of foam glass plates and the forming of air gaps, the system’s thermal conduction is cut off.
● Insulated water-retentive foam glass plates
Using glass waste as a raw material has a density of 0.4, making it so lightweight it can float on water. Also, the bubbles inside it allow for excellent insulation, and these bubbles are formed successively, allowing water to be retained.
● Vertical drainage joint mat
A drainage protection mat is used. It acts as a vertical drain in the foam glass plate layer by arranging it as a joint filler around the foam glass plates and protects the plate and helps it retain and disperse water.
● Kenaf and PET mat
This uses 50% recycled fibers from PET bottles and 50% kenaf that was previously scrapped wood. It prevents the outflow of soil and also acts as a water-retaining material.
● Lightweight organic compost
Mixed for use in greening rooftops. Apart from a little perlite, it’s all lightweight organic. Along with its water retentive properties, its ability to drain excess water is excellent. It mixes in moderate amounts of larger-grained soil, such as Kanuma and Akadama soil, in consideration of scattering.

Installation process

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