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Ultra high strength concrete

Ultra high strength concrete

Resource stocking-type full circulation concrete

E-Crete supports and recommends “resource stocking-type full circulation concrete,” which places limestone resources for continuous regeneration. This involves temporarily replacing mined limestone with concrete structures and having them exist as aboveground limestone resources. They can be repeatedly reused as 100% cement raw materials without any adjustments.


Materials (aggregate)
As it’s granulated artificially (mechanically), we can stably supply the material well into the future.
While the concrete is wet
It has outstanding separating resistance properties and feeds through pumps exceptionally well.
After hardening
– Shrinkage after drying is minimal. (Reported by Architectural Institute)
– Due to high purity, there are no worries about alkali-aggregate reactions.
(Low-activation concrete)
– Low thermal expansion coefficient (linear expansion coefficient).
– Blackish shades of color.
– Has a more stable strength than concrete that uses other minerals.
– Consistent density in all ranges of granularity of all aggregates.
After demolition
After it’s been broken down, the concrete can be made into the raw material for cement. In this process, the amount of CO2 produced can be reduced by approximately 15% compared to conventional raw materials.

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